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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#75

15. Visit to Chennai
Swamigal preferred not to stay in big cities like Chennai as it was not convenient for his puja and other personal routines. That’s probably one of the reasons why he did not visit Chennai in spite of visiting Koyambedu, close to Chennai, in the month of December in 1930. The devotees of Chennai came to Bugga as a group and requested
Swamigal to visit Chennai and stay there for a couple of months. Swamigal graciously accepted their invitation and arrived at Chennai on 28-9-1932 after completing Vyasa puja at Bugga and his trips to Thiruthani. Thousands of people had gathered near Mylapore Luz Church Road as well as Mowbrey’s Road in groups carrying purna kumbams as well as garlands. Swamigal visited the residence of T.R.Ramachandra Iyer situated at the end of Luz Church Road around 6:30 pm. He completed his evening anushtanams there. Mayor T.S.Ramaswamy Iyer and K. Balasubramania Iyer, on behalf of the Reception Committee, gave purna kumbam to Swamigal and requested him to come in the procession that was arranged. Devotees shouted with joy at the sight of
Swamigal seated in a palanquin coming in the procession. Shouts praising His Holiness tore the sky. Immediately behind the palanquin was Vedic chanting, followed by musical instruments and bhajan groups. The huge procession reached Sanskrit College, where arrangements for Swamigal’s stay were made. A huge tent was installed in the grounds there for the comfort of Swamigal’s camp. Welcome speeches were offered to Swamigal in Sanskrit, Telugu and Tamil. That night, Swamigal gave a speech on the merits of Siva Bhakthi, in which he also paid tributes to Sri Kabaleeswarer, the residing deity of
Chennai. The next day, one of Swamigal’s devotees, A.K.Ranganatha Iyer, offered anna dhanam and vastra dhanam ( food and clothes donation) to three thousand poor people on the occasion of Swamigal’s visit to Chennai.

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