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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#70

Visit to Tirupathi
Swamigal reached Tirupathi on March 13th after staying at Kalahasti for a week. The citizens of Tirupathi as well as the devasthana officials gathered at the Angalamman temple on the southern border of Tirupathi to welcome Swamigal. He was carried in a palanquin decorated beautifully with flowers, taken in a procession, with thousands of people, Veda parayanam, and bhajan groups which culminated at the SriGovindaraja Swamy devasthanam. Swamigal got out of the palanquin and had darshan of Sri Govindarajar. Tirupathi Sri Makand had made arrangements for Swamigal’s stay in the
garden in front of the Ramaswamy temple. When the procession reached the garden, Brahmasri Venkateswara Dikshithar read a welcome speech in Sanskrit while Nagapudi N.Kuppuswamy Iyer read one in Telugu and offered it to our Swamigal. His Holiness visited the mutt that evening and accepted the pada puja offered by the mutt’s Chief
Administrator BrahmaSri Venkateswara Dikshithar. The camp was at Lower Tirupathi
until 21-4-1932. During that time, Swamigal visited Thirumala for three days. There, the authorities of the temple devasthanam as well as the public offered pada puja and bikshavandanam to Swamigal. On behalf of the devasthanam, the committee chairman Mahant donated seven hundred rupees towards bikshavandanam. Along with the usual respectable greetings, the devasthanam committee also presented Swamigal with an umbrella with golden top and a long peetambaram which was previously offered to Perumal. Swamigal offered an expensive gem-studded makarandi padakkam and a peetambaram to Sri Venkatachalapathy. He also conducted Sahasrakalasa Abhishekam and Garudotsavam. Swamigal then gifted dhotis and prasad to all the employees, priests and others and blessed them. During all three days of his stay, Swamigal took a bath in the holy waters of Papanasam and Akasha Ganga falls. While climbing down the hill, Swamigal donated money and clothes to all the poor people seated on the way. During Swamigal’s stay in lower Tirupathi, people from all communities including Vedic Brahmins, Vaisya, Beri Vaisya, Balija, Reddy and Kandla communities offered pada puja and bikshavandanam. Thousands of people enjoyed our Swamigal’s daily evening speeches in the simple Telugu language. Hundreds of people from other states also came to have darshan of Swamigal in Tirupathi. Swamigal gifted Kashmiri shawls to the pundits visiting the mutt.

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