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Monday, July 25, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#73

Death of Mother
When Swamigal was staying at Nagari in Chittur district, a telegram arrived at the mutt to the manager. The gist of the message was that Swamigal’s purvashrama mother Mahalakshmi Ammal had passed away at Kumbakonam in the Anglo date of 14-6-1932, first day of the lunar month of Ani, when it was Sukla Ekaadasi.
At the time the telegram came, Swamigal was sitting with pundits and was deeply immersed in a discussion on Vedanta. When the manager of the mutt approached Swamigal, the latter asked him if the telegram was from Kumbakonam. Swamigal released him when he nodded in the affirmative. Swamigal was quiet for some time and then asked the learned scholars gathered around him, “What should a sannyasin do when he hears about the death of his mother”? The pundits gathered around were able to guess the reasoning behind the question, but could not say a word in spite of being very learned.
Swamigal then got up from the place where he was seated and walked on to a waterfall at a distance of two miles, followed by a great number of people chanting the Lord’s name.
He took his bath there and others too, did the same silently. The mutt officials donated silver and gold coins to vedic pundits.

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