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Thursday, January 12, 2012

In 1925 when Periyava was camping around Palakkad, at Noorani a lady with advanced stage of pregnancy prayed that all the children born earlier had died immediately and she wants the child she was carrying to be alive.A boy was born to her with Periyava's blessing.The lady named the boy' Periyava pichai' ( Periyava's donation) and placed the baby at Periyava's feet when he was passing by on a road.
The boy grew up, got married and went to Venkatadri Agaram with his wife with the intention of having Periyava's darshan and to pray to him to be rid of the stomach pain he was experiencing chronically.He hadn't ever visited Periyava and didn't know how to go about it as he had studied in the U S A and was employed in Kolkatta. He was in his pants and shirt and stood at a distance.
Periyava emerged to go to the temple.He walked towards the boy, called him 'Periyava pichai' and asked about his welfare.He explained to the boy his mother's devotion to him and asked him to stay at Chidambara Iyer- lawyer's house. The boy later wore panchakacham and came for darshan.Periyava told him," Perform your mother's annual shrAddam at Kashi and your stomach affliction would get cured. There is no need to go for surgery.'
The boy wrote in three months that his stomach pain had vanished.
Translated from Tamil article by S Thyagarajan Tanjavur.

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