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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#88


Blessings to Teachers

Summary of Swamigal’s blessings to teachers:

“Teachers are those who use what they learnt to make a living. Others are involved in professions which are mostly unrelated to their studies. The teachers should understand their subjects before teaching and only then can their students effectively comprehend the subjects. Once upon a time, a vidwan went to the King to recite Bhagavatham. The king sent him back asking him to re-learn the Bhagavatham. He relearnt it and came back to the King, who sent him away again. This happened over and over with the king sending the vidwan away twenty one times. By this time, the vidwan finally realized the meaning of the Bhagavatham and went to the forest to attain self realization. When the king found out that the vidwan had gone to the forest, he realized
that the vidwan was now ready to teach him the Bhagavatham and sought the vidwan out.

Similarly, it takes reading any piece of literature numerous times before its true meaning is realized. Only then, will you have the capability to teach. I wish you would live like the rishis in the ancient times and teach your shishyas in the correct way.”

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