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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#87


Blessings to Brahmins residing at Chennai

Swamigal during his stay at Mylapore gave a lecture on 17-11-1932, specifically directed at the Brahmin community for their benefit. Below is an extract from the speech “People who resided in villages earlier are migrating to cities, forsaking their villages. They are selling their lands and houses in the village and are using that to live in
the city. Nowadays, it is hard for educated people to get work. Jobs are given based on caste. Initially, Brahmins were denied employment and now everyone is denied of employment. It was Brahmins who first sold their lands to come to the city. Other communities followed them and started to sell their lands. There are so many houses in the villages that are ruined. On the other hand, people are unnecessarily increasing their wants and holdings and are looking for bigger places to keep them. After spending money on all of this, they are worried about the next month’s food. It is an illusion that there is a lot of wealth in the world, but there is poverty everywhere. Businesses have increased in the world now and everything is being done very fast for the sake of profits.

Cities expect things to happen fast and there is nothing slow here. It takes more money to make things happen here. I have three ideas to bring the poverty down in this community.
1. Everyone including women should wear dresses that are the most inexpensive.
2. Instead of coffee, people should drink wheat porridge in the morning.
3. Parents of groom should refrain from getting dowry in the weddings. Marriages can be celebrated in a simple manner without extravaganza.
4. Instead of going to the beach or clubs, use the time to perform your daily rituals.

You will all reap the benefits and good things will happen to you.”

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