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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#84


White Silk Umbrella for Vajapayem

Swamigal was cognizant of the fact that people capable of performing yagnas were dwindling in the country and insisted on honoring the scholars on behalf of the mutt, wherever yagnas were conducted. Swamigal also always reiterated that yagams should be performed more often for the good of the world. He had special affection for people conducting yagams. Dhandangarai Appathurai Dikshithar had performed yagnas for more than twenty five years and had completed the superior yagna called Vajapeyam.

With the intention of honoring him, Swamigal presented him with a white silk umbrella at Mylapore. It was the custom in our country for emperors to present the maharishis who had performed yagnas with white silk umbrellas. It was indeed appropriate for our Acharya Swamigal, who was emperor of all emperors, to award such a white silk umbrella to a scholar who had conducted the Vajapeya yagna. Later, Swamigal also honored Chengalipuram Narayana Vajapeyar and his brother Venkatesa Vajapeyar with white silk umbrellas for conducting this yagna.

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