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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Marikozhundu miracle - Periyavaa

Devotees throng the place wherever Sri Maha Periyava camps. There were many frequenters who visited Maha Periyava and he also knew them. One day there was an old lady who regularly visited the Mutt to have darshan of Maha Periyava. When her turn came she paid her obeisance to our Sri Maha Periyava. Maha Periyava blessed that old lady and placed some fruits in a tray and asked her to take those fruits as prasadam. Along with fruits there was a small bit of marikozhundu (small aromatic herb known also known as artemisia pallens or dhavanam) in the tray. The old lady saw it and threw out the small bit of marikozhundu and took only the fruits with her. Paramacharya after seeing this told her, “Why have you thrown that marikozhundu? It will be useful to you. Please take it with you”. The old lady wondered for a minute as to why the Acharya was asking her to take it. However she instantly took that marikozhundu and kept it safely with her without questioning it. After having darshan she left the Mutt and reached the bus stand where she caught a bus to her place. Immediately after boarding the bus she felt tired and fell asleep unconsciously.
The lady who was sitting next to this lady was a mischievous lady and she stole her purse which was kept inside her bag. When the conductor came and asked her to buy the ticket, she woke up only to find her purse missing and in the hands of the lady sitting next to her. The old lady started shouting that the purse belonged to her and that the other lady had stolen it. The other lady told the conductor that it was her purse and even mentioned the exact amount of money in the purse.
Now the conductor was confused as to whom the purse belonged. Suddenly there was a flash in the face of old lady and told the conductor that there was one more stuff inside the purse and if the purse belonged to lady, asked her to inform what the stuff was. Now the lady who stolen her purse was shocked to hear this statement and could not utter anything. The old lady then told the conductor that there was a small piece of “marikozhundu” inside her purse and asked the conductor to check this. When the conductor opened he noticed the small piece of marikozhundu inside the purse. Then the lady who stolen the purse accepted her mistake. Upon the request of the old lady, the other lady was pardoned.
The old lady now thanked Sri Maha Periyava for asking her not to miss the small piece of marikozhundu!
Compiled by Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava - Kanchi Paramacharya
Hara Hara Shankara
Jaya Jaya Shankara

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