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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That obstinate lady!!!

On that day, it was around 11 am when a fairly well placed lady walked into Sankara mutt and desired private audience with Sri Mahaswamigal. She was continuously shedding tears, her eyes swollen and face red due to continuous weeping.

Sri Mahaswami himself came out and tried to pacify her by saying that she had his full blessings but to be alone in a room with a lady was strictly forbidden to sanyasi’s like him. The lady was adamant to talk to him alone. Sri Mahaswamigal could have turned her away by ordering the mutt staff to give her some “prasad” and send her away. The Ocean of Mercy he was he some how wanted to cheer her by some means.

“Dharma” never fails. Suddenly Sri Mahaswamigal ordered for a stone deaf man to be found and sent to his room with that lady. The puzzled Sri. Srikantan (the attendant of Sri Mahaswamigal whose services used to remind everyone of Anjaneya’s services to Lord Rama) was beyond words or bewildered as to how to suddenly find a totally deaf man to accompany the lady?

Saints and sages perform miracles as though they are mere coincidences. They need not prove anything to anyone. A deaf man was present at the Sankara mutt at that time who accompanied the lady to Sri Mahaswamigal.

After sometime the lady came out with all smiles accompanied by the deaf man who was unaware of anything.

Sri Mahaswamigal never exempted himself from any of the rules and regulations of sanyasa dharma. Today if by chance one notices sadhus, sanyasis or holy men constantly in the company of women devotees, shall we ignore them as they are imitations? Nothing can be imitated without an original. Let us go and search for that original for eternal bliss.

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