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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#107


Special Welcome by the State of Hyderabad

Swamigal crossed over the river Tungabadra at Kurnool and reached Hyderabad state on the other side. He traveled by Jallapuram, Anantapuram and reached the city of Katwal. In those days, Katwal was a sub-territory of the Hyderabad kingdom and was ruled by a queen. The queen of Katwal welcomed and honored Swamigal and made arrangements for the camp for four days. People gathered in thousands from nearby places to have darshan of our Swamigal. Later, Swamigal traveled via Krishna Agraharam, Atmagur, Kothakotta, Chinnajanam Petta, Jetjarla and Pethaganam Petta, reaching the city of Hyderabad on 12-3-1934.

Earlier, the citizens of Hyderabad had formed a Reception committee under the leadership of Diwan Bahadur S.Aravamuda Iyengar in order to make all the arrangements for a successful visit. On the evening of 12-3-1934 at 6 p.m., prominent citizens such as Sri Rajaram Roy, Vaman Naik, Shyam Rao, Tukkaram, Rangadam Bhat and Engineer Nataraja Iyer lead thousands of people gathered there to welcome our Swamigal with purna kumbam and other honors in the outskirts of the city. From there, a procession preceded by the Nizam’s troops was taken around the main streets and reached Rajaroy’s personal palace called Lakshmaneswara Bhag, situated at Laldharwaya. Swamigal got down from the palanquin and sat on the throne and everyone prostrated before him. Local dignitary Vaman Naik spoke in detail about Swamigal’s trip to Kashi and requested the citizens of Hyderabad to provide whatever assistance they could. He also spoke in praise of Swamigal. His Holiness stayed at Lakshmaneswara Bhag till 24-3-1934. On the twenty fifth, a common bhikshavandanam and pada puja on behalf of the townsfolk was held at
Thulaja Bhavan. Swamigal stayed at Advocate Kalayanarama Iyer’s house on the 27th and with Professor Krishnamurthy Iyer, Nizam College on the 28th. Accepting the kind invitation of Prime Minister Kishan Prasad Bahadur, Swamigal stayed in his palace on the 29th and accepted his bhikshavandanam and pada puja. Swamigal also gifted a Kashmiri shawl for the Prime Minister. During this stay, all the key employees of the Samasthanam were introduced to Swamigal. The government took upon the day’s expenses of the mutt as per the wishes of the Nizam. Under the Nizam’s rule, only key government officials had the right to own an elephant. The government issued an order excepting Swamigal and the mutt from this law. During Swamigal’s camp at Hyderabad, there was a death in the royal family. As part of the mourning, public display of vocal or
instrumental music was banned in the city. However, the government again made an exception for nadaswarams played daily at the puja. The citizens of Hyderabad and the government as well as the royalty contributed respectfully for Swamigal’s camp in their city. Swamigal stayed from 30th March to 16th April in Supt. Engineer M.Gopala Iyer’s house.

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