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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#108


Sanatana Sabha at Hyderabad

During the Hyderabad camp, a Sanatana Sabha was held at the residence of Madhav Rao and Swamigal visited his house to attend the Sabha. This was attended by respected scholars such as Nyaya Vedanta Baskara Brahmashri Pulusu Appanna Shastrigal, Ubaya Vedanta Nambakkamm Ragavachariar, who was the asthana vidwan of Vanaparthi , Vemuri Rangamulu and various other scholars. Swamigal commenced the sabha with his speech where he asked every person born as Hindu to take whatever efforts they could to protect our dharma and religion. If everyone practiced their personal
dharma, Sanatana Dharma would always be protected. He extolled the virtues of having such sabhas where our religion and dharma are discussed and explained. The scholars and vidwans should participate in such sabhas and the general public should provide the necessary support so that vidwans could go about doing their work.

Sri Appanna Shastrigal later, while speaking in praise of our Swamigal, said that he was an incarnation of Sri Adi Sankara. He further persuaded the people to take the words of Swamigal to be the words of Sri Adi Sankara himself. Ubaya V.Ragavachariar also spoke in praise of Swamigal’s scholarship and genius, described him as the embodiment of Siva himself and felt that the whole world would benefit by Sri
Swamigal’s yatra. Prominent citizens gathered there at the meeting were accorded honorary membership of the Sabha. The Sabha promised to carry out the necessary tasks to protect Sanatana Dharma as advised by Swamigal. A building to house the Sabha was felt to be necessary and Swamigal gave a donation of a hundred rupees. Swamigal requested Mahadeva Damodara Gadgil to take up the responsibility of establishing an Advaita Sabha in Hyderabad.


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