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Friday, November 11, 2011

Kanchi Mahaswami Satabdhi Manimantapam


The sacred Padukas of Kanchi Mahaswami that adorn the Garba Griha of the Mani Mantapam The kumbabishekam was performed on 28/1/2011 and it is a beautiful structure built in the Chola style with granite on the banks of the Palar river. It seems to be modelled on Gangai  Konda Chozhapuram Temple.

History of oruirukai

The place is connected to Thirumazisai alwar and the gurubhakthi of his shishya which forced even the lord to leave Thiruvika  and spend a night at this place thus giving the name oru iravu irukkai (ஓரிரவு இருக்கை - now corrupted to present name!)

The legend is a moving one.Thirumazhisai Alwar who worshipped the Lord of Thiruvekka majestically reclining on his serpentine bed,was cared for by a couple.When the son Kanikannan was born to them,he became the Alwar's steadfast devotee.One day when Kanikannan saw a woman frail and bent with age,sweeping the temple premises offering worship to the Lord,he was moved.He stroked her hunched back in appreciation.The power of his guru surged into him and the woman regained her youth and was able to continue offering worship to the Lord with fresh vigour.The king of the period who greedily desired his youth restored to him requested Kanikannan to do so.But the youngman refused outright which enraged the king and he banished Kanikannan from his kingdom.The Alwar prepared to go with him and asked Lord Thiruvekka also to come too,as he could not live without Him. The Lord rolled up his serpentine bed and obediently followed the Alwar and Kanikannan. The three travelled some distance way from Kancheepuram on the northern bank of the Paalaar river and stayed the night there.But,with the Lord's departure,the town was plunged in darkness and disorder.The ruler realized his mistake and rushed to the trio,seeking their forgiveness.The Lord returned to Kanchi with his devotees.

The place where he stayed overnight came to be known as Oriravu irukkai,which later got shortened to Orirukkai. This village deity is appropriately called 'Yatoktakari'/ 'Sonnavannam Cheitha'Perumal. The Utsavar comes out once in a year to the street in this village where a Vinayaka temple exists - now at the entrance to the site of the Satabdhi ManiMantapam from the Northern side.

The temple contains a large prahara Mandapam with two halls and a sanctum with a huge idol of Mahaperiyava in a rudraksha mandabam .The walls have exquisite carvings i granite and the sculptures are breathtaking, especially the acharya parampara, the Pradosha thandavam, the navagraha with stone chains hanging from the roof and so on.

Navagrahas with the stone chains hanging from the roof all from a single stone!! Almost all figures and panels are sculpted from a single stone

How to reach:

Oruirukkai is about 5 kms away from Kanchi as a continuation of the kamarajar salai in Kanchi. When you reach the village look for the board on the right. A short ride brings  you to the Mani mandapam


Please visit the below link for more pictures…


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