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JAYA JAYA SHANKARA!! HARA HARA SHANKARA!! I welcome all of you to this blogspot which is dedicated in entireity to my JAGAT GURU. I pray to my Kanchi Mahan to shower the blessings for the successful creation of this blogspot. I am in the process of collecting all the available information, speeches, audios, videos, books from the ocean of WEB. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all the Original uploaders who provided the resources for me to gather and put the same in my blogspot. Please note that this site is regulary updated and request you to visit on regular basis to update on the happenings. I will leave you here...with Periavaa. JAYA JAYA SHANKARA!! HARA HARA SHANKARA!!


Monday, December 23, 2013


Once Periyava asked a sishya to go to Thiru annamalai and bring Yogi Ram Sarat Kumar (Visiri Swamigal) to kanchi. When the sishya went and told Him, He started immediately (He had a habit. If a devotee came from kanchi, He would prostrate before him, saying'you had darshan of Periyava. You are a blessed soul'). When they arrived in Kanchi, He was immediately taken to Periyava's presence. They sat looking at each other for a long while. Meanwhile, the audience was growing anxious as they wanted to listen to the conversation between two Mahans. But, no word was spoken. Suddenly, Periyava gave permission for the Yogi to leave. Everyone around was
stunned and confused. Why did Periyava ask Yogi to come here if He was not going to talk to Him at all? Well, the sishya who had to take the yogi back could not control his curiosity. the Yogi said they had talked. Talked? what? and how? Then Yogi said ' the reason Periyava asked me to come here was, He wanted me to shift my abode to govindapuram, near Kumbakonam, where there is the athistannam of Nama Bothendra Swamigal and since I always do Rama Nama Japa He thought that would be the ideal place for me as Nama sangeerthan goes on there continuously. But, this beggar(that is how He used to call Himself) said ThiruVannamalai is enough for Him and Periyava replied 'well, if thats the You feel, be it so'. I replied 'yes' and the conversation ended and so He asked me to leave. Thats what transpired between us. The sishya was awestruck that Mahans can talk even through their 'mouna'.

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