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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Miracles of Paramacharya This incident happened sometime in 1995.

Sri Jayendrar inaugurated a Photo Exhibition in Old Eros Theatre, LB Road Adyar. There were many speakers like Soundara Kailasam and Vanathi Thirunavukkarasu. The function was sponsored by the Indian Overseas Bank. The General Manager narrated this incident.

“Some years back we had gone to have darshan of Kanchimahan.He was seated in a small room, without much light. While we were having darshan, we had asked a Photographer to somehow take the picture.

We prostrated before the Mahan and asked for permission to take pictures. Kanchi Mahan said in mouna ”No” as He was in Mouna Vratham for a while.

He was kind enough to enquire about our Bank activities, about my family,my parents,about whom He narrated their devotion for Temple activities.

While we were having darshan, the Photographer silently took a picture! The flash disturbed Kanchimahan.

He just looked at the Photographer and quietly went inside. We were disturbed and scolded the Photographer. But to the photographer’s astonishment,all other pictures taken on that day had come out OK but this particular picture had a total black out.

It was just unbelievable as we were all witness to the Flash. Atleast some object would have been there as he is our Bank’s official Photographer.

Till date it is a miracle to us!”

While the GM was narrating this, one man with a camera stood up and said:”I am that Photographer.I have taken 1000s of Pictures and in my enthusiasm to Take the Pic of Kanchimahan, I had clicked,even tho’ Kanchimahan didn’t permit me.

I was astonished while developing how that film alone was a Black out.. It’s just unbelievable to me till dt!”

Miracles of Kanchimahan are unbelievable but True! As He is Nadamadum Deivam!

On this Holy Day Lets Pray for Hiss Blessings.

Source: Shri. Jambunathan Iyer

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