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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Devotees’ Experience with Mahaperiyava – As explained by Mr. Kanchivaram Rajan Gopalkrishnan in Sage of Kanchi on 25th Jan 2011

Actually Mahaperiyava is with us always for those who believe so ..
I shall narrate my personal experience ..
My daughter after Plus 2 was in a dilemma which college to select as for her cut-off marks she would not get top 10 colleges .We were told that we need to short list 5 colleges and during counseling must quickly decide one college where seat is available. We left the choice to Mahaperiyava and decided to take which ever college we were allotted during counseling.

A day before counseling also we were not sure about which college should would get for her cut-off marks. On the day of counseling one of her former classmate had telephoned and advised us to opt for one particular college (which we did not even know it existed) as it is situated closer to our residence and the track record of the college is excellent.

The counseling was over in 10 minutes we got the seat in that particular college and the admission process was over within a hour. Our Joy had no bounds. It is none other than periyava who advised us in the form of her classmate and showed us the right path.

Source: Shri.Jambunathan Iyer

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