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Saturday, June 28, 2014

He thought of it and it came!

Maha Periyava was conversing with people and giving darshan with a smile on his face. Before him on the floor were platters of different kinds of fruits. My memory is that it was during the month of Puratasi (Aug-Sep) or Aipasi (Sep-Oct).

A girl child was walking round and round in the crowd. Periyava called the child and said, "Take one fruit which you like from these fruits." There were pineapples, apples, grapes, guavas and oranges on the platters.

But then the child said, "I want a mango!" It was not the season for mangoes. Even the maavadus (tender little raw mangoes) had not started to grow on the trees. Periyava sat thinking! He said, "Vedapuri! Check with Mettur Swami if he has any dried mango chips". He closed his eyes and started meditating.

Within minutes, two people came from Andhra with a fruit platter, making their way among the crowd. There were two large mango fruits on the plate. Periyava opened his eyes. He called the child and said, "Take them!" The child happily picked up one fruit from the platter.

Vedapuri returned saying, "No mango chips there" and was stunned to see the mango in the child's hand.

"Endaa! From where did the mango fruit come?" asked Periyava.

With overwhelming emotion, Vedapuri replied, "Periyava thought about it! And the mango came!", with tears flowing from his eyes.

We were happy to witness the Periyava's Shakti with own eyes.

It was not known where the Andhra people who brought the mangoes went. May be they had gone to a place not visible to our eyes!

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