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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Come after half an hour!


One day Periyava had swelling in both his legs. It was like the swelling due to the disease elephantiasis.

An elderly Sumangali woman waved a flame of camphor in front of him. She was very upset when she saw that Periyava's legs had so much swelling. She started crying. Is there no one to treat Periyava who heals the entire town?

"It would be better if Periyava takes care of his body. Should consult a good doctor and take medicine." She prayed to him, with grief in her heart.

Periyava had only to laugh. He understood that the woman was concerned about the condition of his legs.

"Come and check half an hour later", he told her.

After she moved away, Periyava sat himself in padmasanam and did japam(litany) for fifteen minutes. The elderly woman came back after sometime. She found that the Sage's legs had become normal, with no swelling whatsoever.

'How did the swelling go, without Periyava taking any medicine', was what puzzled her.

It was a lila(sport) for Periyava to incur a disease on himself and then heal it! In order to heal the ailment of an unknown atyanta bhakta(close devotee), he would suffer the disease on himself, and thus would make the person's karma decrease, without contradicting the Shastras.

When it comes to the question of lila, there is no place for any tarka(logical argument).


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