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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#103


Request from Residents of the Banks of Ganga

In 1932, Swamigal sent Kunnakudi Swaminatha Iyer ahead of him to the places on the way to Kashi, in order to make advance arrangements. Swamigal decided to follow the same route that Ananthakrishna Sharma had taken earlier. The residents near the banks of the river Ganga came to know about the imminent arrival of our Swamigal from Swaminatha Iyer. They were very excited about the visit and got together to draft and send invitations to Swamigal through Swaminatha Iyer. A few of the prominent personalities who were signatories to the invitation were:
Allahabad University Dean Mahamahopadhyay Ganganath Jha
Dharmadhikari Sri Shankara Bandh, Allahabad
Sri Kamalakanth Mishra, Allahabad
Mahant of Sri Viswanatha Temple, Kashi
Administrators of Tarakeswar Mutt, Kashi
Administrators of Pancha Ganaga mutt, Kashi
Administrator of Sringeri Mutt, Kashi
Sri Bhagawananda Mandaleswarer Swamy, Kashi
Sri Swaroopananda Mandaleswarer Swamy, Kashi
Mahamahopadhyay Tharka Choodamani Sri Anand Saran, Principal Pundit,
Bharatha Dharma Mahamandalam, Kashi
Sri Vidyadhara Gowda, Dharma Shastra pundit, Kashi
Sri Kashinath Sinha, Gaya
Sri Govardhana Mishra, Gaya

Kunnakudi Swaminatha Iyer returned back from his yatra on 23-04-1933 to Komal, a village near Kutralam in Tanjore district. Swamigal enquired about arrangements and accommodations on the way to Kashi. Swaminatha Iyer returned to Komal exactly seventy five days before Vyasa puja. Arrangements for Ganga yatra was made immediately after Chaturmasya and Navarathri ended.

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