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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#97


Darshan of Chidambaram Nataraja

Chidamabaram was one of the pancha bhootha kshetram, the Akasha (space) Kshetram. Amongst the innumerable devotees who desired to bring our Swamigal to their towns, the noteable ones are Mahamahopadhyay Dhandapani Swamy Dikshithar – belonging to the illustrious and devoted sect of Dikshithars, and Mahamahopadhyay Dakshinatya Kalanidhi U.V.Swaminatha Iyer. Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar had also been persuading our Swamigal to visit Chidambaram. The Dikshithars and other citizens of Chidambaram requested Swamigal to visit after the completion of Sankara Jayanthi.

Swamigal accepted the invitation of the Dishithars and agreed to come. The residents of the city had made arrangements for a welcome that is suitable for a Kanchi Acharya who was coming to their town for the first time. The Dikshithar community along with the general public gathered in the outskirts of the town on May 18th, 1933 ( Fifth day of the lunar month of Vaikasi) and welcomed Swamigal with purna Kumbam, Veda Gosham,
Bhajan groups, Nadaswaram and melam. They took him on a procession around the four Ratha Streets. Thousands of people had darshan of Swamigal and obtained his blessings.

Arrangements for Swamigal’s stay were made Karaikudi R.S.Veda Patasala situated in the South street. Swamigal was anxious to have darshan of Nataraja dancing in Ponnambalam.


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