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Friday, October 14, 2011

Pujya Sri Mahaswamy Divya Charitram Part#99


Visit to Parangipettai

Swamigal visited Parangipettai from Chidambaram. There was a Muslim
gentleman resident here who had many years ago, studied under our Swamigal’s purvashrama father. Swamigal’s father had worked at Parangipettai in the year 1898 and this gentleman had respect and affection for his teacher as well as the teacher’s family.

This gentleman had the good fortune to have met and associated with our Swamigal in his early years and witnessed his brilliance first hand. The gentleman was a rich businessman and when returning from business trips used to buy toys, dresses and fruits for our Swamigal and his siblings. Swamigal’s purvashrama parents would accept the gift for the affection and love with which it was offered. The gentleman would visit Swamigal during the yatra in various towns in order to have his darshan.

Swamigal was 48 years old when he visited Parangipettai. The Islamic gentleman totally forgot that he belonged to another religion and was heard to have boasted about his association with Swamigal to friends and relatives. He bought large amounts of fruits and flowers and came to have darshan of Swamigal, who was maintaining silence that day. Swamigal accepted the offering with a gracious smile. The Mohammedan owned salt fields and a few ships and he wanted Swamigal’s lotus feet to come to all his salt fields. Swamigal went behind wherever the gentleman took him in spite of the extreme heat. By the time Swamigal returned back, it was after noon. The Marakkayar prostrated before Swamigal and apologized for the inconvenience he had caused. Everyone gathered learnt from the blessing that Swamigal gave to that Muslim, that God blesses and
recognizes true bhakthi in one’s heart.

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