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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

UMMACHI UMMACHI! ------------------------------

A lisping child showed its lisping talents to Periyavaal. He listened to it sweetly.

Thayarkkari (the mother) asked it, "Where is Ummachi?"

"There!", the little finger pointed at Periyavaal.

He asked for a beautiful silk turban, gave it in the hands of the child, and told it with a gesture, "Give it to your mother and ask her to tie it round your head."

The child and the mother did as told.

Adorned by the silk cloth, the child was very happy.

Near Periyavaal, vibuti-kumkumam was there on a Panneer leaf (Tiruchendur?)

"Take it!", he said.

The child took it gracefully without spilling it and gave it to its mother of its own accord.

As she smeared it on the child's forehead, its beauty swelled.

Thinking to give something for its stomach too, Periyavaal extended a banana to the child.

The balan (boy) received it with humility.

"namaskaram pannu (prostrate)", said the mother.

The child prostrated.

Was it a Namaskaram made at the instance of his mother? It did not seem so. Rising, the balan stood for sometime, joining his palms and narrowing his eyes. His small lips moved with happiness: "Ummachi!"

"Ask the child what he wants", said Periyavaal to people around. They asked him.

"Ummachitan venum (Only the Ummachi I want)" said that mouth, smelling of milk!

Opening a book near him, Periyavaal gave it to the child.

There was a picture of Periyavaal in it!

The child babbled loudly, looking at the picture: "Ummachi, Ummachi!"

"You have got that Ummachi all for yourself", saying this Periyavaal went on to attend to his daily routine.

author: Raa. Ganapathi
source: Maitrim Bhajata

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