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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Periyava pointed His dhandam towards my leg..."

Let me start posting my experience in 2006. I had a major accident and fractured both legs. Both the main bones ( Tibia) small bone ( febula) and left knee and right ankle were fractured. Main bones are broken into two. To add to the complications the left main bones were broken completely earlier also (92) and were crafted. ( This accident happened when the road bike racers - 3 people - hit and rode over me- The doctor showed the tyre imprints on my pant and legs).

Fortunately I was taken to the nearest big hospital, operated upon by inserting long nails on both legs withing an hour. First week I was on bed and the doctors tried to make me move but i could not. First week i was very brave and confident. But after a week when i realised that i can't move, i lost all the hopes. The doctors tried to get me up but the pain was severe and i could not move up.

At that moment i lost all hope and started cursing God and cried to Periyava that we followed Him but were completely let down. I am a law abiding citizen, never hurt any one, followed rules sincerely but am completely let down both by the system and Periyava himself. My wife was the only person with me at that time and was given medicines to sleep.

Within 15 mts i saw or dreamt or dont know what it was. I am standing in a place that looked like Sivasthaanam. Periyava was coming ( aged 80 as i saw Him first) with 2 attendants. He looked at me. I was standing with tears in eyes. Periyava pointed His dhandam towards my leg, asked His attendants to give me prasadam (handful of copper coins) and said that all is well now. He asked the attendant to give me a notice and asked me to do that dharma karyam ( which we do now).

Then He told the attendant to go give prasadam to my brother also who was standing near by. I woke up and my body trembled and my wife asked " enna aacchu " (What happened)? I sat up, asked the doctor to bring walker, got down holding the walker on my own and started walking. On the 120 day of accident i was back to office. I dont know what the experience was? The science i read says that it may be a hallucination due the pain killing medicines.

But my brother met with another accident next week and escaped with a small injury in the sundu viral (thumb).Then we understood why He gave prasadm to my brother. Now i know that it was Periyava himself and not any hallucination!

Narrated by Shri Sankar Narayanan three years back.

Source: Shri Panchanathan Suresh

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