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Monday, December 1, 2014

Experiences with Maha Periyava: Card remedy

An elderly gentleman had a paralytic stroke and lost all sensations on the right side of his body.His response to medical treatment was minimal.But he could not regain his speech and suffered from some loss of memory. His wife came to Maha Periyava for darshan and made a tearful prayer.

Periyava should be gracious. My husband must recover completely!''.

Periyava was silent for a moment.

“Will you do anything to help him recover''.

The expense does not matter.

''I did not mean that. You will not take my words lightly??

''I will not''.

''Buy two packs of playing cards and put them where he can see them throughout the day. Slowly he will recover his memory and also regain his speech''.

The lady was amazed and also at the same time found the prescription rather strange. 'How did Periyava know that her husband was addicted to playing cards? Would her husband recover if he were to look at a pack of playing cards the whole day?

The lady did just has Periyava had suggested. In a few days the gentleman recovered his memory completely. He began to play cards with his grand children. When his grandson blundered he chided him, ''You must drop a spade now. Not hearts!'' The gentleman had regained his speech also!!

What a sort of remedy did Periyava suggest? Home remedy or Card remedy? Anyway he holds the trump in his hand!

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