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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Few moments with Paramachariya - By R Venkatraman Ex President of India

The philosophy of Adi Sankara that bears the name 'Advaita' has come to be regarded not only in India but even abroad as one of the most valued products of the genius of mankind in its researches of the eternal truth.

Of the monastic institutions installed by the great saint in charge of his immediate disciples to propagate the ideal of Advaita, the one at Kanchi came to be known as Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham. The 68th Pontiff in the hallowed line of succession of spiritual heads of the Peetha is His Holiness, Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvathi Swamigal.

It is our great good fortune that we have in our midst today, three great Acharyas in the venerable lineage of Adi Sankara, and belonging to three successive generations, a unique blessing no other Peetham can claim presently. In fact, the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham is the only Sankara Peetham in the country which has been blessed with an unbroken line of succession of Acharyas right from its inception around fifth century B.C. more than 2400 years ago.

If Adi Sankara is worshipped as the very incarnation of lord Sankara(Siva) then our Kanchi Paramacharya can be deemed to be the incarnation of Adi Sankara Bhagavatpada himself. Sri R. Venkatraman, former President of India, spoke about the Mahaswami thus:
'A living example of Lord Krishna's definition of the devotee most dear to me' (Yo madbaktas sa me priyah'; Gita:XII:verses 13-14), the Kanchi Maha Swamigal 'hates no being' ('adveshtaa'), is friendly and compassionate to all, ('nirmamo nirahankaara') has no conceit of 'I' and 'mine', balanced in pleasure and pain ('samadukhasukha') steady in meditation, and self controlled ('satatam yogee yataatmaa'), possessed of firm conviction ('dhritaniscaya'), mind and intellect dedicated to the Lord ever ('mayyarpitamano-buddhi'). His Holiness, therefore, is nearest and dearest to the lord, nay, one with Lord himself ('atmaiva me matam')

Adi Sankara had to contend within his life-span of just 32 years, two different and conflicting schools of thought. His philosophy alone emerged as indestructible in the ultimate analysis.

The Mahaswami at Kanchi who has completed a century is the incarnation of Adi Sankara who is an Avatar of Ishwara Himself. The Mahaswami is an unparalleled "ball of fire", to destroy all the ills of society.

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