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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tanjore Sri Santhanaraman shares his thoughts of THE SAGE OF THE KALIYUG – THE YUGA PURUSH - THE PARAMACHARYA OF KANCHI !

about 'SUVISESHAM (Gospel of Easter)'

Once , I had been to Ilaiyatthangkudi camp to have the dharshan of Sri Periyava , on the next day of a Diwali . There was no rush at 4 pm . HE was sitting alone . I did saashtanga namaskaram & stood silently .

Periyava: “ Did you celebrate Diwali ? “

Santhanaraman: “ With the blessings & anugraha of Periyava “

Silence for a little moment, Periyava began again.


Did you see the Diwali Malar ( special issue ) of Ananda vikatan ?

I thought for a moment , to give what reply & kept quiet . Again silence .


All the journalists – their employees & the Editor – each journal group will do bhiksha to me , once a year . The people of Ananda Vikatan , came here two months ago to do bhiksha to me . I asked them “has the Editor come ? “ They replied “ he had gone to Delhi on a work .” I told them “ If possible , inform your Editor to come & see me .” They may have told him so . After about 10/15 days , the Editor came for the dharshan ( Periyava was referring to S.S.Vasan ). In between the talks , I asked him “ you did suvisesham ( propaganda by the Christianity ) to you on your wrapper , do they give plenty of money to you for doing so ? With astonishment , he said “ Yes “

Will you suffer too much , if you don’t get this money ? “

He was worried much & said I can’t understand anything. I don’t know, what Periyava is saying

All the people came here for dharshan, complained to me that ‘ Vasan has allotted the inner wrapper for the publicity of the Christianity ! Can’t Periyava stop this ? ‘ That’s why I asked you.

Vasan: They may have received it on business terms ; I will enquire it in my office . I can understand that this wrong . I will stop this immediately.

Periyava: Will it incur a big loss to you ?


I have done a big blunder. Doesn’t matter, whatever be the loss be, by stopping this. I will see that it doesn’t appear again

He was sitting for some minutes with the mental agony & then said I want to propitiate for the blunder I have done . Periyava has to allow me


I thought for a while & said then do one thing. You publish in your magazine about me (Vasan accepted it). The foreigners are coming to see me, isn’t it? One of them had written about me in their country after seeing me & returning back. He had sent a copy to Srimatam here. Get it from the Manager, read it & then publish it in your magazine. Do you know, what he had said in it about me ? ‘ HE is Jesus ; I saw Jesus ‘ publish it in your magazine ; and this is the suvisesham !


I shall publish this beautifully, in this year’s Diwali Malar itself ! that alone will give me shanthi

So saying he left .

Periyava to Santhanaraman : That’s why i asked you , whether you had seen that?

He was simply smiling & gave me the prasadham . Till I reached my home, I was munching over it !


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