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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ardent Devotees’ Experience with Kanchi Maha Periyava -Mantra Sakthi!

Kanchi Maha Periyava( our beloved Paramacharya) assumed the peeta (of the Kanchi Mutt) at the young age of 12 when my great Grand Father Sri.Venkatrama iyer was the Inspector of Police ,in Kumbakonam. Kanchi Maha Periyava assumed sanyasa at the young age of 12. He was the unique guru like Sri.Adi Sankara in assuming Sanyas (A Guru without a Guru)came to the Peeta at this tender age. Just as we say a father should behave like a father, a mother should behave as befitting her status, so was Maha Periyava as a ‘Peetadipathi’ (Head of a Religious Mutt). He was an example of how a Peetathiipathi should be. He was so desired in all aspects – as a Sanyasi, as a Guru, as a Vidwan as a Tapasvi and a Mahan to show with for HIS 100 years of existence. He possessed the highly exceptional qualities that are beyond description (‘anirvachaneeyam’ ).
He was an adept in Mantra Shastras. Once, a poor boy came to Maha Periyava in deep anguish. He had none to call his own except a sister whom he had married off. But she had become mentally deranged and her in-laws were pressuring him to take her back. He had no permanent earning or place of stay, and so was perturbed about bringing his sister back. She used to behave abnormally. Periyava asked the boy to bring the sister while He performed Lord Chandramouleeswara puja. Periyava said that after the puja He would do japa with the sandal paste (‘chandan’) which He would splash on her; and, she will react violently and run to a mango tree.Maha Periyava instructed that none should follow her or stop her. She was very restless when she was brought in and would not stand there. Maha Periyava did as He had said. She ran out and hit against a tree and fell. She then became all right as the ‘brahma rakshas’ that had caught hold of her had left her. No allopathic medicine can cure such troubles. They will call it nervous weakness and at the most put the person to sleep using sedatives.
Kanchi Maha Periyava was a Oushadhi by HIS mantro upasana.He made it possible on those who are needy.His advise to HIS followers is that do not prayoga these mantras or Tantras for money My family over 5 generations were happened to be his ardent devotees. He told my Grand Father Sri.Nagaraja Iyer,I have given you the desired life, Please prayogh the mantra you had from me for saving Children and Poor.As per His advise, He accumulated this and made me to continue even till today.I accumulate the Mantras on Grahana days and Still using this to save Children and Poor who are to be relieved from Toxins ,Dhrishti and Poisons.
HE is a role model for the future.

Source: Shri. Krishnamoorthi Balasubramanian

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  1. Namaskaram!
    What a wonderful account of Sri Mahaperiyavaa's Mantra Shakthi!
    He was Shakshath Siva.
    May we all experience His ANUGRAHAM and KRIPA.
    Sri Mahaperiyavaa Sharanam!


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