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Monday, June 8, 2015


Shri Shankaranarayanan, a devotee used to have dharshan of Periyava, as he is a staunch follower. He got affected by a strange but, high fever, which affected him once in 10,15 days. Since this had become a routine, he tried all sort of medicines and advices from various doctors. Nevertheless, his hopes and untiring efforts to overcome the fever remained. The man came to a conclusion that treatment given by doctors would no more be a remedy and there is only one last resort, none other than the guru.

One fine morning, he visited the Sri Mutt and had dharshan. Periyava asked, "ippa than varaya"
'Yes Periyava'
"Have you heard about Jwarahareswara temple in Kanchi? Have you been there before?
'No Periyava'
"Today is a Sunday in Karthikai masam. Come, we shall see Jwarahareswara and Surya Baghavan" said Periyava and walked down.
Shankaranarayanan followed Periyava like a calf to a cow.
By the time they reached there, the priest had left already and in spite of it, HE made him have dharshan.
"Do you have some money?"
'No Periyava... I just left my purse at mutt itself...'
"Ok... Do one thing... Go to that mandapam and get some yachakam from people who are there..."
Shankaranarayanan managed to get 10,15 rupees in a few minutes.
"There is a plate in front of Swami Sannadhi... Go and offer some and drop some money in hundi too..."
"Good... Let us go to Kachchapeswarar temple from here... As today is a Sunday in Karthikai, celebrations are happening there."
You know, arogyam baskaradhichcheth (let body be healthy with the grace of Surya)...
Periyava, after having dharshan at Sannandhi and seeing Surya Baghavan, came to the mandapam and called some vedhic scholars and asked them to sing Surya sadhagam and explained.
He said to Shankaranarayanan, "Ok time is up.... You can go and eat and start to your place".
Though Shankaranarayanan was happy about the visit to temples along with Periyava, he was feeling sad for not telling his health condition to HIM. He left the place sadly and realised later on, that the fever had left too and never dared to strike again!

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