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Monday, November 26, 2012

maha periyava-"How do you prepare the neem flower pachchaDi (salad)?"


A divine opportunity of having darshan of PeriyavAL on the day of Tamil New Year came up.

We had gone there from Pudukottai, and submitted him the (tiny) flowers of the neem tree along with some tamarind and jaggery.

"How do you prepare the neem flower pachchaDi (salad)?" asked PeriyavAL.

We spoke about it in a clumsy way.

PeriyavAL said: "These three products are not enough. You must add honey and ghee. If you do it in pakvam (proper way), the pachchaDi will be tasty. The salad prepared in this way must be distributed to others; and they would become enchanted towards you!

"First, naivedyam (nivedanam--offer) to AmbaaL; and she would be enhanted! Then, to the ahattukkArar (householder, husband); and he would nod his head to whatever his wife says! Then, it must be given to the household servants, and they would do their work without murmur!"
Then he ordered to the ukkirANam (kitchen) for preparation of some neem flower salad, bringing it over and distributing to us.

"Know what is this for?"

A woman replied: "So that all of us would conduct ourselves in accordance with PeriyavAL's Aj~jA/AGYA/Aj~nA (precepts)..."

"That is right... (but then) this is Tripurasundari prasAdam. You all should remain always as the bhaktais (women devotees) of AmbaaL."

What was in our palms did not seem to be a spoon of neem flower salad, rather as the sea of amRutam (divine nectar).

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